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How do I change my password?

If you have logged in and wish to change, you can do so by going to My Account, and select Change Password.

In the event you have forgotten your password and are unable to log in, you will be required to reset your password. Select Sign In followed by Forgot Password?. This will open a new window asking you to provide your USER ID and email address (note; you must use the email address used when creating your account) and then submit. Within a couple minutes you will receive a temporary password.

How do I check the last date an invoice was paid and the remaining balance due on my account?

Click MY ACCOUNT then select ACCOUNT INFORMATION. Once selected, your Sold To account information will appear. Access to this information is restricted. If you need access, please have your legal account holder contact our Customer Service at 1.800.999.6263.

How do I view, print, download invoice details?

Go to STATUS and then INVOICE INQUIRY. To locate the invoice, you can filter by Invoice Number, Invoice Status, or Date Range. After finding the invoice, select invoice and click Show Invoice Details. Once on the INVOICE DETAILS page, you can select Print Invoice or Download. To pay an invoice, see 'How do I make a payment? '.

Access to this information may be restricted. If you need access, please have your legal account holder contact our Customer Support at 1.800.999.6263.

What payment methods are available?

Starting January 1st2018 only ACH Payments will be available for open invoices.  We only accept credit cards when selecting to Prepay your order.

How do I make a payment?

Select PAYMENT followed by INVOICES , select Payments/Invoices in upper right. Find the invoice(s) you would like to pay, utilize the Summary/Filter options to narrow your results.

From here in the upper right you can Pay Now, Schedule Payment, or AutoPay.

PayNow: if selecting this, you will see the invoices selected on previous screen. Review / Edit the Amount to Pay. Apply payment information, followed by Submit.

Schedule Payment: if selecting this, you will see the invoices selected on previous screen. Review / Edit the Amount to Pay. From there, enter name, frequency, and date to pay. Follow that by form of payment, finally Schedule.

AutoPay: If selecting this, you will be prompted for payment info, as well as amount per invoice to pay, and finally terms and conditions and submit.

You may save payment information for future use by selecting the Save For User box and selecting your User.

Will I receive an invoice payment confirmation email?

An email confirmation will be sent once a payment has been submitted, this is immediate for PayNow type transactions.

For invoices paid via Scheduled Payment or AutoPay options, the confirmation will be sent once the payment is submitted.

*All invoices selected for Scheduled Payment will have a calendar icon next to that invoice.  Select the icon to view Scheduled Payment information.  You can also utilize the Inquires option to view any pending Scheduled Payment  or AutoPay invoices.   

How do I change my saved Payment Information?

After logging in, select PAYMENT , followed by INVOICES. Once on new page, look to upper right of page , you will see PAYMENTS, select followed by PAYMENT METHODS.

Here you can delete or add payment information.

Can I apply credits to my account online?

If you are making payment(s) you may apply open credit(s) to invoice(s) as well. While you are in the open invoice section you can view any credits you may have. To apply a credit(s) to a specific invoice(s), select the credit(s) and an invoice(s) that total more than the credit(s) and select the Pay Now button ensuring that the Total Amount to Pay is greater than zero.

If you only want to apply open credit(s) to invoice(s) and are not paying the balance, please contact our Credit Department by calling 1.800.999.6263.

How do I know this is a secure site to pay my invoices?

We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using 128bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts all information you input during your session on MyGolfPortal.

How do I search for an item, product or part number?

You may easily find products by using the Search Catalog located at the top left section of your screen. You may type in part or the complete name of the product or the item number and a list of matching results will be displayed. In addition, there is an Advanced Search feature that will enable you to perform a more detailed search by item number, and description.

Can I request a return authorization (RA) for product on the site?

We require specific information to process an RA so you must contact your sales representative, our Customer Support at 1.800.999.6263, or utilize chat feature.

I have multiple shipping locations; can I use all of them?

Yes, you may access your shipping locations once you have registered all of their addresses. After receiving your User Id and Password, you may log in and select the appropriate shipping address with the shipping location drop down menu.

How do I get a new shipping location added?

Please email and provide your bill to account number, the new ship to numbers to associate and your UserID.


How do I check the status of my orders?

Click ORDER STATUS and then ORDER INQUIRY. You will then see all orders for your SHIP TO account number for the last month. If you want to go back further you can alter the date settings. You can also sort the orders by all orders, open order, and closed orders. Once within Order Inquiry, select the order, and choose SHOW DETAILS. On the Order Details screen you will see the Scheduled Delivery Date for each line of your order.

Can I change or cancel items off an order once I've received an order confirmation number?

Yes, but only by contacting our Customer Service Department at 1.800.999.6263 for assistance.  Please have the order number ready for reference.

I received an error message when I went to confirm my order. What should I do?

Most messages are self explanatory If you received an error message that requires action, please contact our Customer Service at 1.800.999.6263. This might occur for a number of reasons. However we can easily correct the error and get your order processed in a timely manner.


How do I order clubs?

After logging in, you will be directed to the home page. Click on ORDER ENTRY to view and select your different ordering options.

Quick Form
Select the desired product category then your desired product line, select the specific items and enter desired quantities within the form. After selecting the items and quantities, click on Add To Cart. You may either select the View Cart button to complete your order, or you may select "Continue Shopping" to order additional items. If Continue Shopping is selected you will be directed back to the home page where you will be able to select the shopping options.

Select the product category then your desired product line and model. Select your items by entering in the number of items you wish and then click on Add To Cart. After adding items to your cart you may select View Cart to complete your order or Continue Shopping by clicking on the catalog button or on the product line below the catalog button.

My List(s)
This feature can be used for popular or frequently ordered items. You may add items to a list while shopping after you've entered the quantity for each item. Select Add to List (located to the left of Add to Cart). The first time you click on Add to List, you will be prompted to add a new list. Enter the name and description and click on Add. Verify the item to be added and enter your company’s item number in the Customer Item Number box if appropriate. Click on Add Items to create your list.

Custom Clubs
To place an order for custom clubs click ORDER ENTRY then CUSTOM CLUBS. A list of Categories will be displayed, click on the desired Category. Next select the specific product. Once you choose the product enter the desired quantity for that item and select Add To Cart to be directed to the configuration page. Note: If you select a quantity greater than 1, each club will have the same specifications.

Add Item(s) to Cart
You may prefer to use this method to add stock items to your Shopping Cart.  Click on the search symbol at the top of the page. The search symbol brings up a window where you can search on either the item number or description. Then you can enter the quantity and the Add to Cart button.

Upload Items from Excel
Another technique to add stock items to your Shopping Cart is to upload an Excel spreadsheet. You only need to have two (2) columns and can enter up to 998 items. Please see the instructions on the Upload Items from Excel screen.

While selecting a custom club, if I select a shaft or grip that is not a stock option, will it show the additional charge?

Yes, all the prices shown after you make your custom specifications include any additional charges.

Can I order a single iron?

Yes, you can do this by going to custom clubs, selecting the specific iron model you are looking for and choosing the item number/abbreviation containing EA.

I don't see the shaft/grip my customer is looking for?

If the shaft or grip is not listed in the drop down menu when selecting your custom specifications, it is not available as a custom option.

Can I select the shipping method for my order?

If a method other than ground or your accounts default is desired, please contact Customer Service at 1.800.999.6263, have your order confirmation available, and they will be able to assist you.

Can I place an order for logo wedges and bags?

At this time we do not offer logo bags to be placed through MyGolfPortal. If you have a logo order or need any questions answered, please contact our Customer Service at 1.800.999.6263 or email

Can I Drop Ship an order?

Yes, you can do this by overriding the shipping address. Once you have added everything to your cart, select Checkout. From the Review Cart screen select the Override Shipping button at the bottom of the page. Enter the drop ship address. Click on Continue.

How can I tell when I've added items to my Shopping Cart?

When you add an item(s) to your shopping cart, the number to the right of the "View Cart" in the upper right hand corner of the page is incremented.

Can I Pre Pay an order using my Credit Card?

Yes, enter the items desired into your cart and proceed to Checkout.  From the Order Summary page select Prepay Order. 

If you have not saved a credit card,  on the Authorization page under Payment Method select ‘ New ‘ . Fill out all information required making sure your Billing Address is exactly what is on file with your credit cards issuing bank, once done Submit. If you wish to save your credit card information for future purchases select the Save For User box.  You will then be prompted to enter the CVV for the card applied, enter and Submit to complete the transaction.

Getting an error using a Credit Card for PrePay Orders?

If you receive any error messages due to inaccurate Credit Card or Billing Information please note we will not be able to help troubleshoot your issue as all payment information goes through a secure third party payment gateway.  If you encounter these errors, please double check your Credit Card and Billing Information.


How do I get the Minimum Advertised Price list?
Reference the Resource section, there you will find a link the Srixon|ClevelandGolf|XXIO's PartnerHub. There you will find information relating to pricing, training, as welll as product marketing info.

I want to see the product images and logo. How can I do that?
Product images and logos are available through our media center, access here: MediaCenter

Any issues, please our Customer Support at 1.800.999.6263 or email